The LGBTQ+ friendly Alpine Linux pubnix

[ Coming soon! ]


Welcome to unix.lgbt! This is a LGBT-friendly pubnix for everyone who wants to hang out with other *nix users or wants to learn Linux!


A pubnix is a public-access *NIX machine where you SSH into. This is kinda like a sort of social network. You can talk in an IRC, post things in a forum, play games, and develop things with other people!

This can also be used as a learning platform! Wants to know more about how to use Linux? go around the IRC, ask people and try these stuff directly in the pubnix!

Awesome!! How do I register

You can't, for now we are working on it. But once it is available, you will just have to provide us a username, an email address and your SSH public key.

Meet the staff

For now we are 3 working on the project. Here are them:

Matthilde (microwave) - Main sysadmin, programmer
eris                  - Main programmer
Aurelian              - Machine owner, sysadmin

Also credits to deppy for providing us this awesome domain name!

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