unix.lgbt (BETA)

LGBTQ-friendly pubnix where we make stuff together!


We are currently experiencing issues in our community concerning the hosting of the machine. We would appreciate a lot if you could donate here to be able to fund the future machine we will use as the user who pays the current machine does not really talk to us anymore and we wish to become more independent

What is happening?

We are migrating to our very own machine. There will be less RAM, less storage but the previous activity proved that we did not need all of this storage and memory. But the more you donate, the best the machine can be in the future :).

Prior to community requests (and because I am an idiot), SSH sessions are open. Please back up your data and gitea repos!!

Welcome to unix.lgbt! A public access UNIX computer where queer folks and allies can join to chill, play and create together!

You can now register to join the beta! Everything is still quite of a bare bones pubnix but we are already having fun here!

Thanks to the closed beta testers!
~agatha, ~anna, ~boo, ~clara, ~easrng, ~erin, ~matt, ~mia, ~nat, ~pontaoski, ~tess, ~wooosh

Shared computer with other people!

unix.lgbt is one computer shared with a community. You interact with the community in one machine using remote access tools like SSH!

Create stuff

We provide programming tools and servers such as HTTP, Gemini, to let you create anything! We are working on tools to make sharing among other users easier such as a local, user-maintained package manager, UNIX groups for common ownership of data (useful for collaboration!)

Social applications

We will provide stuff such as an IRC and our own BBS. Talk with others, ask your questions, just like any chatting platform!

Made by queer people for queer people

This pubnix is entirely LGBTQ-friendly and we will not tolerate hatespeech and discrimination against anybody.

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