LGBTQ-friendly pubnix where we make stuff together!

This is the code of conduct of unix.lgbt. It is highly recommended for you to read it in order to get in. No one stops you from signing up anyways without reading it but it's still better to get to know it.

TL;DR Don't be a dick, don't use this machine to do stuff like botnets, mining bitcoin or attacking other machines and use common sense.

Don't be a dick

Hate and discrimination of any form such as homophobia, racism, transphobia, (trans)misogyny, ableism, etc. will not be tolerated. This is a safe space.

We don't provide this service for garbage

If you are thinking about using the pubnix to do stuff such as hosting botnets, cryptocurrency mining or any other garbage like that then you are not at the right place. This is also not a machine to let you attack other systems. This machine is a social space to build a community. Not a freely available machine where you can do whatever you want.

Remember you are not alone

This machine is shared among other people, don't use too much resources. There are people who needs these resources too. A quota system is set up in order to prevent excessive size of user directories. You will be warned if your home and pub dir exceeds the quota. Then erased if you are still exceeding it a week after the first warning.

Use common sense.

I don't think I need to explain that one

To report a user that you think is breaking one of these rules. Please use the `report` command inside unix.lgbt to report the user in question.

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