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Hi I’m Quinn. I’m gay neurodivergent robot enby. I prefer it/its or they/them pronouns. I was born on .

I live in Queensland, Australia; where the timezone is AEST, which is 10 hours ahead of UTC.

I like:

I dislike:

I know these programming languages:

And these spoken languages:


you can find me elsewhere at:

Matrix E2E

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Fluffychat on iPhone 7 Plus (iOS)BVMZPLXUVHUJ1d uV3x mX80 sSAf 4Bet 5fgj BBNf yGg9 DxF1 5txO LG4
Element Desktop on fluorine (Linux)JRYFGHTLDBGc34 Ykap YYWr qWYu +CAk gMUj hH/q tjUE xDn5 KL68 IoI


Gajim on fluorine (Linux)505402062E950E846 4AF3E9FA 9398876E B89EC2BE 091460DB BDAAF5AF 4219A9E4 ECF35421
Monal on iPhone 7 Plus (iOS)1763194588A8624E2B 682E3E0D 5C535C82 5D3EE28A 4F971620 0BBA2AD2 5EC9655A 1FDCA86E