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The pubnix provides an IRC server running on localhost at port 6667 and a matrix server at to let members of the community speak together. All channels are available to use. However, we set up a few "standard" channels so we don't get lost in where to go.

  • #general Is the general chat.
  • #support Get help from pubnix users and admins here.
  • #meta Is where you can discuss the pubnix.
  • #botsin Beep boop. (see BOTS section)
  • #programming Programming channel.
  • #politics Not everyone in #general will be in the headspace for a political discussion.
  • #music Link and discuss music!
  • #vc-text Text channel for voice chats, should it be neccessary.
  • #igeneral General text chat which is not bridged (see below) [IRC ONLY].
  • #mgeneral General text chat which is not bridged [MATRIX ONLY].
  • It's up to you to use the other channels for some reasons. They will most likely be unmoderated. However if a mod catches you breaking rules in "non-standard" channels, you may get the same fate as one who breaks the rules in "standard" channels.


    All channels listed are bridged through the "be gay do computer" Discord server, a small server where the pubnix comes from. As of Friday, the 16th of April 2021 all new users receive an invite to the discord by email after signing up. If you have not gotten one, or lost yours, then feel free to ask for an invite over IRC or Matrix.

    Note that this is not "The Discord", but rather a discord which shares large parts of the same community. Participation is entirely optional. If you do not wish for your messages to be sent to discord, you may join a channel other than those listed above. #igeneral is currently the most used non-bridged channel.


    All channels listed are also bridged through the "be gay do computer" Discord server but also through the IRC channels. The Matrix server is still a WIP and may be unstable as we use the Dendrite server (synapse pain).

    Like the Discord server, participation is entirely optional and contains an unbridged channel under the name of #mgeneral.


    *Don't be a dick* Hate and discrimination of any form such as homophobia, racism, transphobia, (trans)misogyny, ableism, etc. will not be tolerated. This is a safe space.

    *Do not spam* Obviously. We do not want spammers here.

    *No unapproved bots outside of "non-standard" channels and #botsin* To run IRC bots in channels such as #general, you must have approval from the moderation team.

    If you break one of these simple rules, the council will then decide your fate.

    These rules concerns Matrix and IRC. Discord rules are defined in the Discord server.


    You can freely host bots in the IRC server. However "standard" channels that are not #botsin requires approval from the moderation team.

    Same rules applies to bots. (see RULES section).


    Type irssi in your shell then type /connect localhost. You must now be inside the IRC. type /join #channelname to join a channel.


    Type birch into your shell. It will automatically connect to the pubnix irc. By default birch joins the #general channel on startup. In order to join another channel type /join #channelname.


    Type weechat in your shell then type /server add pubnix localhost:6667. After doing so you are able to connect to the pubnix by typing /connect pubnix. After joining you'll be able to join channels by typing /join #channel.

    To the left you will see a list of buffers, you may switch between these using alt+[0-9], alt-uparrow and alt-downarrow or typing /buffer N, where N is the buffer to switch to. In order to see the output of commands such as /help you will want to be in the first buffer.

    WeeChat is largely extensible and supports many things such as autojoining channels, servers, changing keybinds, plugins and more. For more info regarding WeeChat refer to


    To be able to connect to the irc from outside the pubnix you can set up an ssh bridge with ssh -L 6667:localhost:6667 While this ssh session is open you'll be able to to connect to localhost on your machine to connect to the irc.